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05-03-2013, 09:50 AM
I think one of the big reasons they have not added much to the c-store is because they see the disparity between the fed population and the kdf population. They will get more bang for the buck putting out more and more fed stuff than they would with kdf stuff. However, even though the numbers are very skewed in the fed's favor, I have seen a lot of kdf players, more than what I think is led on in the forums and such. It's no where near the fed numbers, but there are more kdf than what is being said.

I would love to see more costume packs and ships for us, we really need that kinda stuff. Also, missions and stfs that are designed by the company with a distinct klingon/kdf flair to them, not just copy paste from feds.

I think they realize that they need to flesh out the kdf experience more, and it is my hope that we see more and more kdf styled content coming out, if only in the form of costumes and ships. There aren't a whole lot of ships that were seen that were kdf, I mean you saw a lot of bops and the occaisional battle cruiser. Watching the shows, they all look almost identical, so it's really hard to find already established cannon ships, unless you are delving into works created by authors that are considered cannon.

Maybe Cryptic should survey the kdf population and find out what we really want, then work to implement some of it. For me, the foundry has really helped me in regards to kdf content, but there is only so much of it available, we need Cryptic to step in and really work on some kdf content, whether it's missions, ships, costumes, or stfs.