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05-03-2013, 10:07 AM
I have the Hoh'sus on one Klingon. Its a fun ship, definitely go this route if you want raw DPS, its de-cloading alpha strike can be devastating. Sure its ugly, but its looks have grown on me. Honestly, with the battlecloak and 4 consoles, this is probably going to be the highest DPS ship the KDF is ever going to get in the raider department.

I might grab a Fleet Ning'Tao soon. I have a new Alien character that I just doffed up to 50, haven't decided if he will be a Klingon Raider or a Leathean Pirate. If he becomes a raider I plan on sticking him in the Ning'Tao and running it with high sci powers as a controller. Haven't really spec'd the guy either so my options are open.