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Fine then make him BO, but don't make him take up a BO slot. He's forced on me, great, but don't make him take up BO space. I mean I have no desire for this guy even in my crew on my Reman ship, let alone for him as my first office, if I can relegate him to only story content I'll never play LoR and I can bet I'm not alone.
Then don't play a Romulan. If a single BOFF is causing you this much pissyness, there's really nothing more to say on the subject.

Originally Posted by varrvarr View Post
In SWTOR, game mechanics meant you were better off having certain companions with you if you weren't in full party, I may have hated Gusso, but my soloing or duoing went much better with in in place. It was also what drove me and my guild away from the game. Once the Dev's story was told I had not desire to keep playing, I didn't have my own story to adventure through or even my own crew to feel attachment to. In STO I do. I have my all Klingon crew, my all Vulcan ship, my All Andorians (Thank you Devs for finally giving my a proper ship to man). I'm not going to change the way I play STO now because they threw in some story.
Incorrect. Running with a healer companion didn't make you better off, it just shifted time away from downtime into fighting. You don't need to heal as much, but you take longer to kill.

The only time a healer is a bonus is if you're running as a tank, and then solely because you don't have to cheese your way through Heroic 2+ and 4 missions to get them done solo. TOR's open world difficulty is not very high.