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05-03-2013, 11:36 AM
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So you're saying I should stop spending money on STO? Come one let's be reasonable here. I've show no problem with having a BO that is required for story purposes. What I've suggested is it can be done without making that BO feel like a forced part of my crew.
Don't put words in my mouth. All I've said is that if you cannot handle a character driven story, then don't participate in the part of STO that is a character driven story.

Secondly, kindly explain how you intend to create a scenario where someone is an integral member of your crew, yet isn't actually an integral member of your crew.

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As for your comments about SWTOR, I don't really care any more I stopped playing the game once I ran through all of the stories and haven't been back since, but I'm glad avoided the point. Mechanics made some companions better for gameplay purposes than others, and because the companions mechanics were pre-decided and forced on me I was left with playing with the characters I liked or playing with characters that were more synergistic to my build. STO has never been this way, STO has mostly been a cake and eat it too kind of game and it should continue that way.
Every TOR companion had it's niche. That means for certain setups one companion or another may be a better fit to a given player's playstyle. No companion was useless, nor was any companion mandatory.

Secondly, we're right back to "if you can't handle character driven stories, don't play a game focused on character driven stories". I honestly do not understand how you would think BioWare of all developers would create eight different plots based around an unending stream of faceless nobodies.

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I keep coming back to STO because I'm invested in my entire crews not just my single characters. I keep making new characters (and buying new slots) not because we have new careers or skills (which we really haven't for a long time), but because I can do new things with an entire ship full of characters I create and customize.

Nothing in LoR is stopping you from continuing to do that as a Fed or KDF character.