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Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
Don't put words in my mouth. All I've said is that if you cannot handle a character driven story, then don't participate in the part of STO that is a character driven story.

Secondly, kindly explain how you intend to create a scenario where someone is an integral member of your crew, yet isn't actually an integral member of your crew.
He can be an integral part of the story without having to be an integral part of my crew. It's called imagination. I had to do it in SWTOR, alot, since so many of my supposed "choices" really were not choices and had little ramification for the next series of plot advancements.

I've used a lot of imagination in playing STO, I like it. I prefer it to being on rails.

Every TOR companion had it's niche. That means for certain setups one companion or another may be a better fit to a given player's playstyle. No companion was useless, nor was any companion mandatory.

Secondly, we're right back to "if you can't handle character driven stories, don't play a game focused on character driven stories". I honestly do not understand how you would think BioWare of all developers would create eight different plots based around an unending stream of faceless nobodies.
But my character was a faceless nobody in SWTOR. The only reason to force anything about how the character looked in SWTOR was for the romantic interest stories and even then that's debateable. My species choice meant nothing in the end, expect maybe for a few references here and there in the Sith Inquisitor story. My sex choice only prohibited who I could "woo" and even then that was an arbitrary choice to keep homosexuality off the table.

Few of the companion stories required a specific species and even those that did had no reason to prevent you from having unlimited control over how that companion looked.

Nothing in LoR is stopping you from continuing to do that as a Fed or KDF character.
But it keeps me from playing the Romulan content how I want. I'm fine with story, but don't tell me this guys place in my crew, there is no need to write a story like that for a game like STO. It wasn't even very effective for a game like SWTOR which for all it's good points was a tremendous failure.
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