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Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
For the third time: if you cannot deal with a character driven story, do not play a character driven story and then whine how you didn't like a character driven story. I really don't see why this is such a difficult concept for you to grasp.
We'll just deal with this since you clearly want this to be about TOR and for the last few comments I think you should go play it, sounds like the game you want STO to be, which is not what others want STO to be.

PWE/Cryptic wants to shut up and take my money, so they want to give me an incentive to play their story driven content and spend money on it. There is no reason they can't use the cake and eat it too approach. Make this character a throw away BO for those who will just use him to play through the story. That's doesn't hurt anyone who wants to fall in love with him and hug him and call him George (well actually they can't call him that I guess if he can't be customized).

The reality is you're being short sighted. They have every incentive to not make this a "forced" situation like SWTOR companions and no reason to not provide that option to people. The game is already established as about freedom to play with the "look" I want from the ship I fly to the crew that flies it, why change that when they can accomplish the same thing without forcing the issue?
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