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We'll just deal with this since you clearly want this to be about TOR and for the last few comments I think you should go play it, sounds like the game you want STO to be, which is not what others want STO to be.
I wasn't the one to bring up TOR, nor am I the one who continues to bring it up as an example of "what you shouldn't do" because of the way it approaches its story. If you don't want to talk about TOR, don't bloody well talk about TOR.

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PWE/Cryptic wants to shut up and take my money, so they want to give me an incentive to play their story driven content and spend money on it. There is no reason they can't use the cake and eat it too approach. Make this character a throw away BO for those who will just use him to play through the story. That's doesn't hurt anyone who wants to fall in love with him and hug him and call him George (well actually they can't call him that I guess if he can't be customized).

And now that we're finally back to the technical issue at hand, it still hasn't changed. The way the Tovan character appears in the storyline (as both a BOFF and an NPC) necessitates that he keep a static appearance. If and when the game can technically handle making on the fly NPC changes based on BOFF modification, that'll change.

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The reality is you're being short sighted. They have every incentive to not make this a "forced" situation like SWTOR companions and no reason to not provide that option to people. The game is already established as about freedom to play with the "look" I want from the ship I fly to the crew that flies it, why change that when they can accomplish the same thing without forcing the issue?
You're the one demanding that an entire faction be rewritten and redesigned because you can't accept a character driven story...and I'm the one being short sighted?

Nothing is preventing you from running through (or even completely ignoring) the stock Cryptic plotline and roleplaying as whatever you damn well want your Romulan character to be. Except of course your unwillingness to accept that Cryptic made a creative decision to actually put some life into their plot for a change.

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And as for the Person above me on this page, I don't see where you get off tell people if they don't like it do not play a romulan. This is not SWTOR, so quit bringing it up. If you like that style game, go back to it.
You need to actually read what has been written. If you know you're going to dislike a character driven story, you don't walk headfirst into a character driven story, then complain that you hated it. Instead, partake of the content setups that actually appeal to you.

It's completely analagous to someone who dislikes PvP going into a PvP scenario, and then complaining that PvP happened.