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Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
And now that we're finally back to the technical issue at hand, it still hasn't changed. The way the Tovan character appears in the storyline (as both a BOFF and an NPC) necessitates that he keep a static appearance. If and when the game can technically handle making on the fly NPC changes based on BOFF modification, that'll change.
And this is where you're not listening to me. Once you said he can't be customized I understood your reasons and said fine, but don't make him my first officer. You can't tell me they couldn't write a story where they didn't force a first office upon you. My understanding is that his uniform can't even be customized, you're telling me the immersion would be broken if I see him in the uniform I picked for him and then see him in a mission in the "default" outfit? Come on that's just lame.

I understand he needs to be there, I understand he can't change his species or his hair, face eyes, but certainly he didn't need to be my first officer for them to present a good story. Certainly he could wear the uniform I want him to for there to still be immersion?

I don't want the whole faction rewritten. I want the faction and story to be presented in a way the does not interfere with how I've played the game for three years now.

It's completely analagous to someone who dislikes PvP going into a PvP scenario, and then complaining that PvP happened.
I love this actually, because forcing the KDF into the PVP niche was what pissed so many people off in STO to begin with, not forcing the Roumlans into a "Story Driven" niche is repeating past mistakes.
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