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05-03-2013, 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by varrvarr View Post
I love this actually, because forcing the KDF into the PVP niche was what pissed so many people off in STO to begin with, not forcing the Roumlans into a "Story Driven" niche is repeating past mistakes.
I must have missed the part where Romulans won't have access to the Foundry, STFs, FEs or PvP.

Oh. Right.

Originally Posted by varrvarr View Post
I don't want the whole faction rewritten. I want the faction and story to be presented in a way the does not interfere with how I've played the game for three years now.
Normally I'd go paragraph by paragraph, but you've summed up your entire position so succinctly right here I don't have to. We're right back to "I want everything my way now".

For someone who claims to be at least something of a roleplayer, you're showing a marked inability to adapt and thrive in circumstances that aren't a 100% sandboxed story.