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05-03-2013, 01:52 PM
I have to admit that dealing with the random Tele- Cloak is becoming a bit aggravating.

A Few times she has cloaked and appeared a full 12 k from her last position and our team would race over to her just in time for her to Cloak and end up back on the other side of the map.

It's also painful when you line up your special attacks like Disruptor Auto Cannons and she Cloaks mid attack but takes no unshielded Damage.

Her Charge up for her death blast attack is a bit random has well and sometimes has a hair trigger.

SNB should be able to take her Cloak off line for a small amount of time at the very least.

Tracking her under Cloak is not an issue but it's the Goku like Instance Transmission that she does while Cloaked that becoming the real pain.