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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
Terrace : unless you can work a miracle
Armada: It wasn't just Jacob's emergency suit I bought with me...

*A plate in his wrist retracts and produces a small transparent container, containing a small piece of metallic-looking fluid - the same piece Jacob was examining after the battle at Angel Halo.

He turns to Jacob.*

Since you left, I've been having PACES run tests on this thing 24/7. You were always telling me how your suits have been having response issues with all the new equipment you've been having - mainly due to weight.

This thing will eliminate the need for the Bio-Neural interface systems in your armour and will give you complete access to electronic software without actually needing to be in the suit - a kind of telepresence. It'll also increase your body's pain threshold, so you'll need less painkillers in the suit.

Basically, your suit can be a lot lighter, the interface with the suit will be faster than the current one and when our pals get here, you can just hack there systems and pull the plug on their self-destructs or just take the schematics out of their systems.

One other thing. This is a hyper-regenerative. It'll heal your heart, Jake.

*He turns to Terrace.*

Close enough to a miracle for ya? Even if it's not enough, we'll take a hell of a lot of them with us.

*OOC: Well, we've had the Extremis possibility open for a while and this seems like the perfect opportunity.*

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