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05-03-2013, 02:10 PM
Originally Posted by naevius View Post
Norgh BoP, best BoP.

Seriously, the additional LTC boff is worth a lot.
The 2 supporting LtCdr Universal BOFF stations mean everything for that BOP. You can come up with a strong combination knowing that you could put another good, strong ability in that extra slot. Whether you decide on something like Tractor Beams, DEM2, or some other BOFF skill that you wish you could cram into a BOP.

The Fleet Norgh is for those BOP captains that toyed with different builds, but always came to a point where, "Man, if I could have just 1 more ability here, I can make this shine the way I want." This BOP is for creative, fancy builds.

Stat-wise, nothing wrong with the Fleet Hoh'Sus. 4 TAC Console slots makes it on par with Raptors in raw firepower (but not ruggedness). If all you want is straight damage, it is the safest, most direct road to that. But personally, wouldn't catch me flying one. It looks awful.

The Fleet B'Rel... I have and love the B'Rel retrofit already. I will get this bird to when it becomes available to my fleet... which is going to be quite a while away. Basically everything that the B'Rel retrofit is, with some improvements but a weirdly placed extra console with the Engineer slots. I could see Science or Tac, but Eng? Not exactly what BOPs are built for. Still, an extra console is an extra console, and I can stuff a Universal one in that spot. Since it builds upon the traits of the B'Rel retrofit, if you didn't like that ship to begin with, there's no reason to get the Fleet version. But if you have the B'Rel retrofit like I do and love it, then it's not a bad route to check the Fleet version out.