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Originally Posted by portgazd View Post
Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't the KDF have more going for them at end game than the FED faction?
Like what? You're an "Empire Veteran" and you ask this question? Seriously?

The STFs are the same.

The New Romulus stuff is the same.

All KDF-specific storylines are right at the beginning. They cease to exist early in the game and become truly Copy & Paste Federation missions, just with Klingon red plastered on with the terribly misplaced Gorn or Orion who speak like they're Klingons, and not like Gorn or Orion. Breen missions? Dominion missions? Borg missions? They're all terrible hackjobs of Federation ones.

Ship options? LOL, no way. It's not even a contest. The disparity in options with ships is hilariously good for Starfleet. And while we're talking about ships, KDF players can count themselves LUCKY if they even have a single alternate ship model for their starship. How many extra models / skins do you have for your Sovereigns, Galaxies, Defiants, Prometheus, Intrepids, Novas, etc.? Like 3-4 different skins PER ship. The KDF? 1 skin for the Qin. 2 skins for the Negh'Var. 1 skin for the Sommraw. 1 skin for the Kar'Fi. 1 skin for the Corsair. 1 skin for the Marauder. 2 skins for the Vo'Quv. 2 skins for the B'Rel. 1 skin for the Veranus. 1 skin for the Guramba. 1 skin for the Hoh'Sus. 1 skin for the Bortasqu'. 1 skin for the Dacoit.

Should I go on?

Then there's uniforms. Starfleet players have the options to mix and match a wide variety of uniforms from different eras, alongside a rich color palette. Some take advantage of this by making garishly bad uniforms. Some take advantage of this by making uniforms that fit a previous era of Star Trek, or a future uniform that is believable to be used by Starfleet. You can have options from ENT, TOS/TMP, TNG, DS9, VOY eras, and mix and match to your pleasure. Then there's the Mirror Universe variations.

What do the KDF have? Very limited options. You can't even have Off-Duty uniforms. You cant' even change the uniform of the Veteran BOFFs that you can get. They're always stuck wearing that same, horrid sweater on a KDF warship. Even the few race-specific outfits for the Nausicaans and Orion are very limited in options. The devs went through alot of effort in bringing canon uniforms to the Feds. But they didn't even lift a finger to introduce TV / movie used uniforms for the KDF to use, much less making stuff up. Also, most of the uniform options you see the KDF NPCs use are not usable by the players at all. Sashes? Trenchcoats? On and on...

Yes, you are terribly wrong in saying the KDF has more going for them at end game than the Federation.

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