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Originally Posted by ukkorby View Post
Hey Folks, Its UKKorby again, you've probably seen me about in game galavanting around Drozana Station in my black and yellow robe

Anywhoo I wanted to ask you folks a question which involves the following...

When I'm taking a beating and the right time approaches for me to use Go Down Fighting III and I launch my saucer section of the Oddy does the ability still buff my saucer section whilst its attacking for 60 seconds or does it only effect me?

Any help would greatly be appreciated!
Sadly it effects ONLY you as do all your other Non-Sharable Buffs. The only buffs that effect the Saucer are ones you target onto it. (Such as heals etc...) However, the Saucer does not deal enough damage for it to matter anyway. It is there to abuse Anti-Matter Spread, Lighten your Load, Randomly Phaser Proc, and of course Tractor Beam your poor victims LOL.