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Originally Posted by darkfader1988 View Post
These bop players r nothing more then cheats.
sadly I have to agree with mt

Due to the nature of STO's antiquated ancient game engine, it simply cannot respond fast enough in various situations. Such situations can be buff powers on your buff tray not activating upon click or key (you literally have to hit the buff power a couple times before it finally activates). But more than that, the engine cannot respond fast enough for shield distribution (when using TT or RSP) against an bop alpha BO attack which cuts your ship to shreds despite activating Tac team or Reverse Shield Polarity which is supposed to protect you from that kind of spike damage.

Unfortunately, it doesn't because the engine's calculation are subpar of being capable of shield distribution within milleseconds of beam overload strike.

To make matters worse, there are many bop players using and spamming science powers for hold and interupts (disables) thanks to a certain 4 UNIVERSAL STATIONS BOFF ship, tend to spam PSW and TB and perhaps a few 'disable' p2w universal consoles in order to 'interupt' and disable a player for a couple seconds so they cannot activate a buff to save themselves from a alpha Beam overload strike!

As if the games engine forcing players to repeatedly hammer one buff power on the buff tray several times in order to activate wasn't bad enough....but we have bop players disabling the poor buggers entirely!

Photonic shockwave was purely designed to interupt healers (extend shields, tb, etc etc) with the intent to make it easier on your team mates to kill the opposing team without a 'GOD mode healer' keeping them alive all the time. It was never designed nor intended for bop use to 'exploit' (however I adulate players for thinking up this to use on a bop).

To answer the question in this thread, no you cannot really defend against a bop alpha using said tactics above!

Your best bet is to chain tac team > epts > tss > tac team > epts (and if you are engie) > RSF to keep your shield damage resistence high enough that you may survive their initial attack. Use your buffs sparingly and only use around 2 buffs every now and then.
Spec into intertial dampeners (although that won't really help much) and be prepared to use omega and polarize hull.

Keep in mind though, despite these to help your survival, it simply won't be enough due to the nature of this 'exploit' you will essentially still have your systems knocked offline and thanks to the game's engine (which is your downfall). Not even the strongest player in this game can survive because of this

As mt said, these bop players are nothing more than cheats!

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