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05-03-2013, 03:29 PM
Originally Posted by lykum View Post
we know STO caters mostly to groups and group strategies in PvP and STO in general. However there's a lot of people I see (including me) with no fleet and no apparent strat towards this greoup-centric play. whether their anti-fleet or just waiting for the right opportunity to fleet, their still not playing to the games overall design.

is there anyway or ideas to include the lone-wolfs in PvP? maybe create a separate PvP area for solo players only. fleets might abuse this by all soloing up at the same time to keep abusing the STO weak. is there anyway to solve this issue as well?

should be catering to both, it's possible, but almost taboo in STO. why???
There are way more pug matches than premade matches overall,

But if you really wanna stay solo,

- 1v1
- Just queue up in Cap and holds, mostly no premade there except hobos lol
- Go into arena with a hit and run cloak ship, works very well both on kdf and fed side