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Originally Posted by krendig View Post
I enjoy both-- the Odyssey can take more of a beating, the Vesta can spike more damage... but I wanted to disagree about the Aux Cannons. They're not useless-- but they're not as useful as they seem.

They're fore weapons only, so even if you equip a full set across the front, that's only 50% of your weapon slots.

So yeah, you ramp up your aux power, nerf your weapon power, and for those three cannon, great! ... but the three rear weapon slots are getting nothing, and that's if you're at 50% Weapons power.

If you're less than 50% power, you're getting a penalty to energy weapon damage, so the only option is to equip torpedoes and mines.

Since you can't fire more than one torpedo at once, you're going to have to mix types, in order to stagger the cooldowns-- which makes it difficult to fit a an appropriate damage type for the torpedoes.

I'm not saying they can't be viable, but in my opinion, they make the ship build considerably more complex, rather than easier.
In my opinion you're looking at this from the wrong angle. If you just wanted to do weapon damage, you'd be right (and you might want to think about not getting a Vesta in the first place), but if you want your sci abilities to be your primary role with solid DPS in support the Aux cannons really shine. They let you max out your Aux power, run weapons power way down (mine is around 50/25) and still do excellent damage. You do lose damage from your rear weapons relative to running high weapons power, but fore DHCs are always going to make up the majority of your DPS, so it's not too horribly painful. However, I would never run rear torps on a Vesta, you need the front arc too much and it doesn't have the turn rate to swap arcs quickly.

The way I see it, the Vesta is the first sci ship to really be able to be a sci ship, without having to compromise on everything to achieve a balance between its intended role and actual effectiveness. Of course, even the Vesta suffers from the fact that sci abilities are painfully weak no matter what you do, and it can only do as well as it does because it has the ability to get effectiveness without sacrificing sci capability. Which would make it terrifyingly OP if an RSV were actually balanced against a Patrol Escort (and that makes me half wish it had never been released, even as I rely on it).

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