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05-03-2013, 07:00 PM
Originally Posted by aarons9 View Post
this just makes things worse, then you become one of those we are trying to get rid of.

you can most of the time complete a mission with 4 players.. you might fail optional or not get as many rom marks..

there needs to be something tho. reporting them to gms doesnt seem to do anything at all.

if you put them on ignore list, the system doesnt take that in account for teams.. which it should..

if someone i dont like is harassing me and i put them on my ignore list, i surely dont want to have them on my team..
No you are making it worse by carrying AFKers thus encouraging them. Last time there was an AFKer in my group I wasn't the only one who agreed we should also all AFK, almost my entire team agreed except one person who decided to warp out and take a penalty. The other 3 of us just blew the tac cube then sat back and let the probes through in KASE until it failed. it doesn't matter if you can do the mission with 4 people, its the prin ciple of the thing.