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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
In their effort to make Reman females somewhat attractive (because no woman in an MMO game can be ugly, no, that would be ludicrous...) they've made them look nothing like the Male Remans. The eyes are wrong, as well as the nose - look too human - and there's no forehead ridges of any kind. She looks like a bald woman with a bad eyeshadow...

When I saw Veril on Tribble I was quite pleasantly surprised with what Cryptic has done, but now after I've seen the Reman character creator and these screenshots I'm no longer that enthusiastic. But I guess it's part of the business - to make people's characters attractive and not look like a monster. Logic be damned! ... *sigh*

THIS is how a Reman female should look like...


This... OMG This... PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE either make the Character Gen Reman Females reflect the Veril version, or AT LEAST give us the option to make them this way...
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