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Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
And yes, I do agree that taking a Mass Effect approach in a game that isn't Mass Effect is not really suitable.

I've often wondered how any mmo can claim to be an mmorpg.

I've never seen an mmo that offered you choices and changed the story based on the way you treat others and the decisions you make.
I tend to agree it is not good to change the approach in mid-stream. This has killed other games. I want to play the content before I final judge it obviously, but I guess I'll have to wait.

As to the RPG in MMORPG, I don't think it is every really possible to make a game like Neverwinter Nights (not the Cryptic Neverwinter) or Mass Effect style single player RPG in an MMO. People are willing to put up with different things when they can just reload a saved file.
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