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Originally Posted by darkkindness2 View Post
Turn rate's getting fixed pretty heavily in LoR,
You mean the RCS console change? It's a buff to RCS consoles. But all it does is really up each console up by a magnitude. So like if you have 1 RCS, you now get the buff like you had 2. But it works that way on all ships.

Cruisers will still realatively turn really slow.

Since the OP is in a Wells class ship ... I mean, the sluggishness is going to be noticeable.

and Cruisers can be decent even with beams as long as you're willing to set up one of the very few builds that makes them decent.
The issue with beams is almost as frustrating at the turning. It's just annoying. All the hoops needed to jump through to get every last erg of weapons energy and dps buffing and target debuffing and stacking consoles just to get the kind of deeps that someone in common MK X's in a Defiant can do by mashing the spacebar.

It's just too frustrating. I recommend the OP stick with ships that are already nimble and very powerful and fun to fly. The Wells is one of those.