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05-04-2013, 01:22 AM
1. Sort term: Allow Captains to change their 4 ground/space skills. These are the first things a player chooses when they know nothing about the game. Its kind of sadistic to make them stuck with these if they don' contribute to the player's play style.

2. mid term. make an app for ipad to do duty officer assignments only. It's possible to calculate how long the average ship, or even the player's specific ship can travel from one location to another. A calculation and countdown by the app, or server could ensure fairness in wait time, by adding a travel time timer. This would allow people to play more, and keep system requirements down. It would bring in more players as a gateway to the game. If players will play Vampire wars on facebook, they will surely play sto.

3. Long term. more story lines / episodes. Sure the foundary helps, but the foundary does not provide awards and special items, which help to make missions replayable. You could even have best mission contests, allow for special prizes to be given, and tweek the good stuff and make it official. for example, if you get an original storyline, have the professionals clean it up, and make it an episode.