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05-04-2013, 01:29 AM
The Fleet Star Cruiser is purely for defense and support. The TAC BOFF slots don't really give much options even in comparison to the normal Assault Cruiser.

That said, of all the Fed Cruisers, it's the toughest you can ever get. The ENG consoles is standard cruiser fare, so it's going to be rugged. The SCI consoles though means you can put alot of stuff to boost shielding ability, like Shield Emitters, capacity, or regen rates, or whatever combination. It has high hull points an a 1.1 shield mod.

BOFF assignments? It's just enough playroom to throw FAW1 or BO1 with APD or APB. The ENG slots let you play with practically the full spectrum of whatever ENG setup you want. Science-wise, you can have all 3 nice abilities of PH1, HE2, TSS1. The TSS will be another nice boost to your shields, alongside the 4 SCI consoles.

Of note, since you are able to play with more SCI abilities than usual for a Cruiser, you probably want more reliable and stable Aux Power source. An Aux2Batt build may not be optimal due to the wonky nature of Aux Power with such a setup. Unless you like popping Red Matter Capacitor or Aux Batteries all the time. Still, with A2Batt, in combination with Technician DOFFs, it will cut down cooldowns on all abilities.

I've been looking at the idea of getting one for my Fed ENG. It's just I'm not too fond of the ship model.