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05-04-2013, 02:54 AM
As with what others have said.....depends on what you like doing...I have 12 toons...1 engineer flies the Vesta and i tank it like no other......on the other hand the Oddy i fly with another engineer can do more dps and sustain itself more efficiently with repairs and energy boosts/subsystem repairs

I can tank almost identically on both ships but with massively different styles...

The Vesta is 24k shields and builf to shield tank anything plus 125 aux is pretty peachy too

The oddy is also a tank but approaches it from polarize hull and Aux to inertial dampeners and pure massive hullking hull points to survive a slug fest....

My vesta sits in one place and cruier always moves. Both rely on jevonite hardpoints too

Edit....the consoles are pretty nifty but I find they gimp the ships more then they help them for both classes
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