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05-04-2013, 03:31 AM
Here's my 2 cents:

Short term - More Duty officer content.
Personally I play for the peaceful parts of the game, diplomacy, exploration, the DOFF system, trading. You know, the core Star Trek stuff. It adds to the feeling you're actually in this universe.

Mid term - Commodity trading. Imagine using your Tuffli or D'kora to actually be a merchant!
Being a Ferengi privateer looting those pesky federation and klingon freighters floating around the home sectors and selling the ill gotten loot back on Ferenginar. Or Shipping Gagh from Qo'nos to DS9 so the klingons wont tear up the station.

Long term - Playable Cardassian faction!
Contrary to popular belief, there's alot of us Niners who play, mainly wishing for some day to be able to play as a Cardassian without using the Alien creator.
It's my biggest dream, ever since I started playing this game, those both of the players and of the staff who are devoted trekkies would understand this

I'm for the most part satisfied with this game, even considering the two major downtimes we had in a matter of days. It's an amazing universe with diversity and lots of non-combat gameplay even though we could always have less hostility. Cant wait to see what sneaky underhanded things the rommies will bring us.