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Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
So what exactly do we have to do to earn the Reman species through the Romulan reputation? Do we only have to get Tier 5 on one character? Or do we have to get to Tier 5 and then start a project to unlock them, and if so, what does this project cost?

And I agree, make the Reman female look more like Veril, at least as an option. The one of hte blog, well, I think she got a bit too much work done, if you know what I mean.
Good question about the Reputation! I grinding theu Rom Rep now and would like to see Cryptic's answer.

As for character appearance, there should be a range not just for customization but basic plausibility. Remans are after all Vulcan offshoots forced to work and live in the industrial filth of the Romulan war machine (mining, manufacturing, etc.). Odds are that everyplace Remans have been living since their homeworld's destruction were cleaner & healthier than Remus. So the process of recovery has begun and thus subsequent generations will be of more robust health. So the 2 different female Reman models shown are just samples from opposite ends of the spectrum.
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