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Originally Posted by blaumker View Post
In a game where there is a "genuine" upgrade to be had from these loot drops, a loot system that works is paramount. I think many of us going into these things believing that we want folks getting a fair shake at their loot, and don't want to be taking it unnecessarily.

Here, everything is currency, though. At max level, you can literally get a more or less full ship loadout of functional blues from the exchange for approximately the energy credit take of one solo space foundry mission or romulan reputation quest run. At lower levels you rank up so quickly that you're looking at a couple hours worth of usage before being obsolete, at most.

What that winds up meaning is that the screen reading need/greed for an uncommon quality plasma cannon mkX is really reading "temporarily trade one inventory slot for 7500 EC?". Essentially, since we're looking at every drop as currency, we all "need" it the same amount, and human nature means that if we don't "need" the currency, someone else will perceive that they do.

Round Robin would be great and fair, though it would take a bit of a revamp. Nobody wants to be the guy that always winds up with all the flow capacitors while other guys always seem to land on the deflector.
agreed, ill say this when i was playing wow, I could need on drops all day and still not afford a good purple weapon while here you can thats the diffrence lol