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05-04-2013, 05:50 AM
Zone Entrances: It would be nice if ships defaulted to pointing inwards towards the middle of the sector at all sector entry points throughout the galaxy.

Active Duty Switching: It's neat that BOFFs remember which station on the bridge they should report to when you switch ships. It's so convenient for swapping ships when your fleet wants to hop between different STFs and you've got just the right ship for the situation. But DOFFs on Active Space Duty are lazy in this regard, slowing you down when you want to switch between escort, cruiser and science ship specs as you still have to manually remove your projectile specialist and replace them with a gravimetric scientist, for example. It would be great if you could auto-switch Active Duty Officers automatically with the ship change. You'd have to add some kind of warning message though if a player tries to send one of those "other ship" officers off on an Assignment.

Admiral Sponsored Colonies: a pet project for Admirals. Give admirals their very own colony (or more) out in the clusters to look after and grow.

Each day a colony generates a specific set of Colony Resources which trickle in and are imperative for that colony's survival and growth.

Through tending to Situations - missions that require players to rectify some setback that threatens to stymie the growth of the colony - Admirals will feel they are personally responsible in making a continuing difference to peoples' lives in some small corner of the galaxy. Resolving these Situations for good or ill would buff or debuff the growth rate of an effected Colony Resource, resulting in the colony growing faster or bringing it to a standstill and requiring further involvement on behalf of the Admiral. (It would be a nice flourish if Admirals could feel the deaths of their colonists through having certain vendors and personalities perish and be replaced with each catastrophic outcome)

Actions by competing factions might impact the growth of colonies making for more personal investment in diplomatic roleplay/PvP/PvE combat.

Colony Resources could also drop during any mission, making for more surprises in the loot system. (and/or they could be added as a completion reward option to existing missions)

These Colonies, once sufficiently grown, would of course contribute a boon to players making the whole endeavor worthwhile... A little extra bank space? buffs? Colony DOFF Assignments? a trickle of EC/data samples/cargo ship resources/refined or unrefined dilithium?

Optionally: As each sponsored colony grows its populace could discover some hidden characteristic that is unique to the planet they have settled, making it fun for Admirals to finally learn what surprise their colonists have unlocked and whether that discovery is merely a benign (but cool-looking) feature, benefits its sponsor in some small way, or threatens all life as we know it.