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So what I take from all that is that the Dil Exchange is a gambling process?

People pay real money for ZEN, put an offer on the Dil Echange for a large amount of Dilithium, and wait for whenever/if the exchange rate ever goes down in the future, exchange all that Dil, and come out with more ZEN.
You must not have much experience with gambling because what you described is not gambling.
Gambling is based around the principal that you have X commodity and that you risk losing your X commodity to gain X+Y commodity. The Dilithium Exchange is a free-trade system. Establishing a value for your commodity is what every business in the world does every single day. Whether that's 1 business selling an iPhone for $325 and another selling it for $299. The consumer has the option of buying the $325 or the $299 version. There is no gamble because you are gaining X by selling Y.

And don't assume that just because the items you purchase have no physical value that they have no intrinsic value. We live in a society based around buying items that have no physical value: aps, music, software, etc. So the person willing to buy Dilithium is buying something that has intrinsic value to him.

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