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05-04-2013, 07:01 AM
KDF warriors the House of jIH DoQ batlh is still recruiting!
( figured I should put the name up finally )

We completed our T3 engineering project! Elite ground weapons for all!
We are waiting on the countdown for T2 in recruitment in our embassy ( finished in 1 day.. good for a small fleet huh! )
T3 Science is off to a great start.. 1/2 done in the first 2 hours!.. again great for a small fleet

Our new members have fit in nicely with our casual atmosphere and no pressure attitude.. would love to get a few more.

-NO egos
-NO drama
-All Casual
-Plenty of Fleet credits and provisions for all!

If you want to help grow a quickly growing base.. enjoy playing at your own pace.. then this is the place... oh a rhyme lmao

edit: @vinru821 for more info! .. In game today! or a mail later!