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05-04-2013, 07:39 AM
Hey there Lykum

interesting post to say the least.

I started my pvp adventures in much the same way you describe, the fleet i ran with at the time had very few people interested in pvp. My circle of friends was mainly my fleet and most stuck to the pve content pretty much.

I Ran alot of random q's but was very discouraged, it just seemed the teams would always win or stomp tbe match. I even tried to reach out to a few of the players i thought where good, it met with much resistance or i was just givin por advice.

Which brings me to Kerrat, the true territory of the Lone Wolf pvp heros where 1 player can make the difference in a battle. This is where i learnt the way of the pew, ducking alpha bops and Jemhadar attack ships knowing when to start a fight and when to finish one. The best pvp players in the game stalk kerrat and unlike random q's there is time to get feedback from others.

The taboo u speak of is not really a taboo just that it would result in a lot of stalemate matchs facing 2 tanks against each other whould be a drag...Someone has to die....

There is room for any type of player in sto pvp, but if u want to be a good player and gain respect heal your team mates and focus fire...

Good Luck And Have Fun Out There...

Its more likley for one of us to win the lotto, then for Cryptic to make a change to pvp...

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