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# 2108 Bad day
05-04-2013, 08:11 AM
I was just now in an ISN. It was a PUG. I knew something was wrong when the two Klingons said 'lets mess with these blankedy blank feds.' They didn't do anything for the entry group. They both just sat there. The other two ships with me had rainbow beams. The first group took longer than it should. The whole time the Klingons were throwing insults.

The entry group finally died and me and the other two flew left. The Klingons flew right and started the swarm over there. Then they both flew off about 40K away and continued the insults.

On the left side we killed the small transformers then the other two with me went off chasing spheres. I tried and tried to tell them to kill the nanites spheres and probes so we could kill the main transformer but they didn't get it. Both of them together were too poorly DPS'd to kill anything and the whole time the Klingons were laughing and throwing insults our way.

I never said anything to the Klingons and finally I just bailed out. It wasn't worth it.