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Boot Camp had an open pvp session today and a great story came out of it.

One of the players was brand new to PvP, and when I say new, I mean new. He had literally never won a match before, and he was unfamiliar with the power he wielded as a science officer, etc.

So we talked with him about a few career-specific things, gave him some instruction, and jumped in the ques.

The first match was 15/6 (or so), our loss in K v F. Unfortunately, one of the KDF players felt it was necessary to tell one of our recent grads that everyone from his fleet was horrible at PvP. What an unfortunate showing of STO PvP's worst face=(. Our community can be so cannibalistic.

The third match (FvF), however, was a different story. Our team actually won, and I cannot tell you how delighted I was to hear our young science captain say, "That is the first match I have every won!" It was refreshing to see how much of a difference just a little bit of education and patience can do. This little anecdote reminded of why Boot Camp, and the other educational groups in STO PvP, exist in the first place. To inspire people through success to keep teaming up.

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