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Originally Posted by seansamurai1 View Post
It would be nice to see queues for non premades.
I'm sorry but this seems to be the only game in history where a casual player of PvP either has to 'jump through hoops' to get a game that doesn't require 10 matches against premades and getting stomped, it means you either have to do the boot camp or join the PVP channel, I've been to that PvP channel and frankly switched it off because it seemed at the time full of elitests uninterested in helping or bringing a virtual unknown in to the fold, hell, they couldn't even be bothered to say hi back after I said hi on entering the channel.
I'm sorry but this is a game for all, so why should casual players be penalised for wanting a PvP to break the boredom of PvE/grinding but not having a big circle of 'friends' to help them?
Are these players less entitled to have a good game that doesn't require them to just roll over and get stomped by a premade?

Myself, I've done a fair bit of pugging with kinetic alien (and aliases), I've always found that going up against a premade just isn't fun, vice versa though I've done premades with him and a few others and its not fun going against a pug team, its too easy and almost pointless.

The boot camp really doesn't appeal to me at all, I've trawled and researched my build, trialled it, adjusted it etc etc, the boot camp would essentially place me at the bottom so some of the more 'elite' players can be condescending because you got something wrong.
I also don't like some of the 'tactics' being taught.
Like warp plasma and theta radiation being used in mass, knowing full well its glitches graphically!

It all boils down to an attitude from many that's along the lines of 'if you ain't in the boot camp or PvP channel, then you obviously aren't worthy to play PvP!'

I understand it is a team game but simply put, not everyone has that pleasure. Does that make us any less worthy to have a good game?

This is also one reason why PvP isn't that popular.

The PvP Community in sto is small...why because any interested in PvP have to come together...why because the game is so broken we are forced too...

In November,2012
A group from the PvP Community derived from exactly what u have posted here created the Boot Camp. The Boot Camp is made up of both experienced and new players, Our goal is to help those who like yourself have these concerns.I know from experience it is not nice getting waxed every time u enter the arena. Trust me Kinetic and the ~Apoc~ crew don't enjoy stomping random q's either but that is how Cryptic has chosen to run PvP or in better words
Ruin PvP...

I am confident in saying The PvP Community (Players) do 99% of the work when it comes to PvP in this game. With the exception of Cryptic the 1% who break mechanics forcing the PvP Community to come up with the fix. Not only that but we have to make are own matching system and when we do enter random q's we get spammed by hate mail called cheaters, exploiters and every other colorful name in the Klingon/Federation Dictionary this is not good for the image of our Fleets.

Cryptic needs a matching system that is for sure...will it ever happen i hope so...Just my suggestion link it to our PvP Accolades 3 tiers 1st tier 0-100 players killed 2nd tier 100-200 kills 3rd tier over 200 player kills and make it work with each q FvK u would have to have 200 klingon players killed to be able to fight t3 PvP Klingons....OMFG i can't believe i just wasted my time giving Cryptic and idea that was a 1min waste of my life...
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