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Temporarily increase in power won't mean they would be overpowered becuase its only at that power for as long as you decide not to use the power, and if you really want to make it hard to maintain it could increase exponentially rather then linearly. So that even loosing one power level will take a big chunk of the gained power out. But only granting a flat bonus of +10 to all systems at the end.
You have the power, but you also have the OPTIONS to do something with it that no federation or klingon vessel can even attempt, and that's why it's not balanced.

Originally Posted by cryptkeeper0 View Post
But lol the unimatrix is easy already.... 30 second disable isn't that great considering how long it takes to kill it. I've knock out the weapons on unimatrix quite a
bit granted only for 5 seconds but I've seen good science vessels do it for much longer.
And I'll grant that; on my science ship, even Target Weapons Subsystem 1 seems to knock out Gateway weapons 100% of the time. However, think for a second. "Good science vessels do it for much longer." Once LoR is released properly, that becomes "Good science vessels and every warbird regardless of build or flavor." eSTFs become a lot easier the more time the borg aren't able to invisitorp you. You can use the cover of the singularity to get into cloak safely, to slow pursuers or probes, to blind enemies pounding your tank (even if they can still see the tank, their accuracy will be nerfed), clear a minefield (timing's a bit tricky, but), escape from gravity wells and warp plasma, and on and on and on. That's just one power. And in a warbird, you don't have to devote a thing to it; it will work the same whether you're spec'd for tanking,assault, cloak-'n-strike, or whatever. Its effect doesn't care whether you've sunk your power into weapons, shields, engines, or aux.

To understand all the singularity powers can do for the warbird, you need to quit thinking "how do I shoehorn them in to my current playstyle?" This is why keep thinking your power levels need to be raised. You need to be thinking instead "how can I change my playstyle to exploit these abilities to their best effect?" Flying a warbird is as proactive as setting up an alpha strike on an escort; you should be planning ahead and executing your powers to create a devastating strike more often than waiting til something unexpected to happen and thinking "will my singularity powers help with this situation?"

You should not get a bonus for keeping your singularity core "in reserve" any more than you should get a bonus for NOT using Tac Team because you need it to be ready in case of Borg boarding parties.