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Originally Posted by enduremanure1 View Post
I cant find the encryption key after defeating the "killer" in the mission "What lies beneath" in the drozana station.

According to the walkthrough I just should "have" the key after defeating the killer. But i don't. Also mission still says "Defeat the Killer and Find His Encryption Key", although I already defeated him.
There is a circle on the map, approximately where the killer was, but there is no key.

I repeated this mission-part multiple times with the same outcome .

What am I doing wrong?
Now, i AM aware that this is an older post, however, i just had that same issue, and also had the hardest facepalm of my life...

To me, it was so obvious, it was shamefull to miss it.... buttom left cornor of yer screen, theres a tab called "OPS" ... click through that, and you get to move on to next stage

... yer, im a noob, and im proud of it, as it takes a noob to be a pro