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Andrea lay in darkness, unable to move. All around her she could hear the anguished cry of those that served with her. Beyond them came the cry of legions of souls, creatures which no longer even existed. They all cried out in a hellish parody of music.

Out of the darkness came a thick, rubbery tentacle. On the underside was an eye that looked at her, and a mouth below with five spines, clicking to feed it. The set of eyes and mouths played out again and again across the underside of the tentacle.

“What have we here? It has tiny things, sleeping in it.” From all over her body she could feel something crawling under her skin, then bursting out as dark beetles, covering her body….

She awoke screaming. Allen was there immediately, trying to calm her. “Captain, Captain, relax. Everything is all right.”

“Allen… where am I?”

“Sick bay.”

“We beat the Borg?”

“Captain, what are you talking about? You are on the Granameir, we are headed home.”

“I’m sorry. Everything is so fuzzy. The last thing I remember… I was fighting the Borg on L9.”

“We are outside the Galaxy. We found this huge, wondrous craft out here, waiting in the dark. We should have left it alone…” Pain briefly crossed his face, but faded as he struggled to control himself. “We made it, that’s all that matters.”

“Where is the doctor? What happened to me?”

“The Doctor is off-line, much of the ship is damaged beyond repair. The transwarp still works…”

“Transwarp? Start at the beginning.”

“We don’t have time. You were in a coma, induced by a drug. We need to keep you awake, but let’s keep the thinking light, ok?”

“OK. Wait… when did I make Captain?” She continued to ask questions, but Allen was unwilling to answer anything. He had her walk around for a while, then put her back on the bed and scanned her. “No long-term neurological damage. Looks like you can rest normally. I’m sure you must be tired.”

“I’m tired of not knowing what is going on!”

“In the morning. If you check out again as OK, we’ll let you in on everything you can’t remember in the morning. Let’s see if anything comes back on its own.”

She lay back on the bed, frustration at not being able to remember… how long? How long has it been? “Computer.”

“Working.” Came the short reply.

“Display my personal logs.”


“Password? Since when do I need a password to open my own personal logs?”


“Never mind.” Allen had encrypted her own logs? She didn’t even think that was possible. And since when did Allen know anything about sick bay?

She was more than ready to get out of sickbay and find out what was going on. Just as she got to the door, an ensign walked in. As she did, the light in the hallway and sickbay flickered.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, Captain, just some power fluxuations. Now, let’s see if we can’t jog your memory just a bit.”

“Allen said…”

“Lieutenant Skagg isn’t really a doctor, though, is he?”

“I was wondering about that myself.”

“You were fighting the Borg, on L9.”

“That’s right. They had broken into the outpost. I threw a phaser that exploded… God! I was taken!”

“It’s all right. You were rescued.”

“That… little man… not Starfleet. The Granameir! I remember the Granameir!”

Andrea looked up, and the ensign was gone. Almost immediately Allen rushed into the room. He looked angry for a second, and then seemed to look concerned. “Captain, we had some sensor problems.”

“The lights flickered Mr. Skagg, that’s all.”

“As long as you are up…” Allen produced a PDA. “Consumption reports.”

“I have no memory of this ship.”

“Oh, I did them for you, I just need your approval.” The PDA requested her thumbprint and password.

“Alright, I’ll sign them. You can leave them here.”

Allen looked at her, trying to read her reaction. Andrea looked up at him inquisitively.

“No, I’ll have you sign in the morning. Goodnight.”

Allen walked out. She noticed there were now two guards outside.

“What is going on?” She asked herself as she began walking in circles, trying to jog her memory. “There should be Jem’Hadar, and… Sal’Ar. Genis, and Narse.” The image of the tentacle and the dark beetles flashed into her mind again. The beetles were Borg, billions of nano-probes congealed into thousands of beetles.

The image hit her so hard she lost her balance and backed up into the wall. An arm came around her neck from behind, and she could feel something needle-sharp pressing into her neck. “Do you remember me?”


“Don’t make me kill you, Captain.”

“Who do you work for?”

“I work for you, Captain.”

“Seems less than likely at the moment.”

“Remember, Captain, remember. And hurry.” The arms disappeared as Allen walked back into the room.


“It’s hard to rest with all these interruptions.”

“My apologies. I have something for you to look at. I’ll leave it over here.”

“What is it?”

“A strange little thing we found out here. Very interesting and fun. You’ll love it.”

Again Allen left the room.

Andrea cautiously approached the box, feeling a sense of curiosity growing around her. The whole ship felt like it had gone silent in anticipation.

Outside Allen waited, impatience growing across his face. He was just about to go back in when he heard a scream.

He smiled, and opened the door.

Andrea lay on her stomach. On her back a large insect was burrowing into her, until nothing was left visible except a blue spine. A look of desperation was on her face, a look that slowly went neutral. Then she smiled at him.

“Well, that was a waste of time.” Allen said as he helped her to her feet.

“She was never going to tell us, and I was growing impatient. She feels… so good.”

“Enjoy the flesh, brother.”

Andrea looked at him with a predatory smile. “I intend too.”

She walked out of the sickbay, the guards leering at her and nodding.

Allen walked out of the sickbay. Just as the door closed, he heard the faintest of sounds.

He walked back into sickbay, slowly walking around to try to pinpoint the sound, a squeak or squeal. He was still unaccustomed to the human senses, but he was sure the sound was coming from this room.

Humans were far too visibly oriented for his taste. His eyes were telling him nothing! He ears could hear the squeal clearly now, it was just a matter of hearing everything in stereo…

No, there, behind the table. Inside the panel. He relished the dexterity and strength of the thing he was controlling, he just wished he could hear what it was thinking, feel it squirm as he told it exactly what to do, in total control.

He found it, wrapped in a small cloth. An insect, broken and smashed, clinging to the last vestiges of life as it stretched out one last time, and fell silent.

Out of Allen’s mouth came a high-pitched scream that seemed to pierce the very ship as it was taken up by every other person on the ship.

Every person but Andrea Petros, running down the corridor towards engineering, Phaser rifle in hand. Off her back a glob of amber flew, and changed into a bird in mid air.

Selan and Andrea charged Engineering.