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LC42: Sleeping Set'leth

Captain's Log, Stardate 87033.66. The majority of the Lord English's crew is out of commission since our furball in the Husnock Necrohol. The senior crew has therefore moved off of the now mostly-empty Odyssey into the much snugger Aquarius mission pod. While the crew is recovering from their injuries, the Federation Diplomatic Corps wants me to assist the Romulan Republic in a little headhunting. We're off to talk to one of the leaders of the Romulan Republic- and our Romulan exchange officer's estranged sister.

On board USS Jake English, the Aquarius mission pod of USS Lord English, Vice Admiral Remus Lee met with his Romulan and Reman exchange officers. Commander Liviana, Lord English's resident Romulan research lab scientist, sent a file to the PADD's of Admiral Lee and Commander Twimek, the Reman biochemist.

"Proconsul D'Tan wants us to find an officer of the Romulan Republic who returned to civilian life," Liviana explained. "Commander Lirina was a resident of the Virinat Colony before its destruction by the Tal Shiar; she was instrumental in rescuing refugees from many of the colonies attacked by the Tal Shiar during their attempt to reunify the Star Empire by force."
"Lirina is held in high regard by much of the Romulan Republic. She's utterly unconcerned with galactic politics, yet she's done much to bring people under the banner of the Republic. If it wasn't for her assistance at Crateris, I would most likely have been a victim of the Tal Shiar," Twimek added.
"She seems to be quite the hero," Admiral Lee said. "What role is the Federation supposed to play in reclaiming a Romulan officer for the Republic?"

In response, Liviana opened a file detailing Lirina's genealogical data.

"Quaestor Llhreenor of Rator III married Llatta, a refugee from Romulus, and had three children, Liviana, Lirina, and Lhian, before dying in one of Praetor Taris' secret prisons. Of those three children, the eldest remained on Rator to work in the Romulan Ministry of Science before fleeing to New Romulus after the disappearance of Empress Sela. Lirina and Lhian, however, left Rator after Sela came to power and moved to the Virinat Colony to escape from the conflicts," she explained.

Twimek then displayed the Romulan Republic personnel file for Lirina.

"Lirina is considered one of the finest tactical minds to have ever served the Republic. She and another Virinat survivor, Tovan Khev, attacked Tal Shiar assault forces several times in a derelict T'Liss Warbird and survived. She later infiltrated the Tal Shiar, who tried and failed to indocrinate her, and escaped with valuable data about Romulan research into Borg technology, some of which was adapted onto ships of Task Force Omega. She has been instrumental in the fight against the Elachi and the Tal Shiar for the Republic, the Federation, and the Klingon Empire," he added.

Liviana closed the rest of the files, leaving a rotating hologram globe of Virinat on the display.

"Growing up in a Ratorian prison, Lirina had underwent the same indocrination that all children of political prisoners were exposed to, but it only made her apathetic to galactic affairs; that's why she moved to Virinat in the first place. Now that Sela is gone and the Star Empire is fragmenting, she's returned to hiding on Virinat, far from the core of the rebuilding efforts. The Republic doesn't want to see a prodigy like Lirina tucked away while the Republic still needs help, so D'Tan is sending us three to convince her to return to service. The Federation Council, meanwhile, wants to at least prevent her from being kidnapped by the Tal Shiar or some other rival faction," she concluded.

Having absorbed all the information given to him by his Republic liaisons, Admiral Lee reclined in his seat while putting his feet on the table.

"In essence, we're on a charm offensive to get a retired Republican officer who doesn't want to return to the Republic and convince her to return to the Republic," he summarized.

Liviana and Twimek looked at each other before nodding; Lee's comment was right, if too oversimplified. At that moment, Commander Kira hailed the conference room.

"Admiral Lee and Commanders Twimek and Liviana, we are now in orbit around Virinat and are ready to beam you down at your convenience."
"Acknowledged, Commander Kira. We'll be ready to disembark within the hour," he replied. Turning to Liviana and Twimek, he added, "If your descriptions of Lirina are correct, it looks like we'll be here a while, so you better pack everything you need."

Admiral Lee left the room, whistling "Traumerei" by Robert Schumann. Liviana wondered whether Admiral Lee could successfully convince Lirina to return, and also wondered how she would greet a sister she hasn't seen for over six years.


Soon after making landfall in the town square of the recovering Virinat colony, the three Starfleet officers rented hovercruisers and set off for the Set'leth Ridge, where Lirina was said to be living. After half a day's journey, they finally reached the ridge, where they found a ranch hand tending travits while playing a slow tune on a flute.

"A remarkably relaxing tune, it seems almost hypnagogic," Lee thought to himself.

Presently the ranch hand saw the three officers.

"Lloann'na? (Federation?)" he exclaimed.
"Ie, Lloann'na. Dochai Lloann'mhrahel doaege? (Yes, we're Federation officers. Do you speak a Federation language?)" Lee answered.

The ranch hand was taken aback, but returned Lee's salutation.

"Yes, yes, I speak a little English, Master Sleeping Set'leth has taught me," the ranch hand replied.
"Sleeping Set'leth? Would you happen to mean Commander Lirina?" Liviana asked.
"I have heard those close to her say Lirina, actually," he said, "though those who live on the ridge call her Master for her good works. She lives in a structure on the far end of the ridge."
"I see, thank you very much, good sir," Lee responded, before riding off towards the far end, Twimek and Liviana in close pursuit.

Twimek took the opportunity to ask Lee a question.

"Your Romulan was pretty good for a human. Are you fluent in Romulan?"

In response, Lee pulled back his sleeve. The phrases he spoke were written on his sleeve.

"I always have a temporary tattoo of important phrases put on for occasions such as this," he replied coyly.

Twimek chuckled while Liviana rolled her eyes. Presently they ran into a depression in the ground; all three officers crashed off their hovercruisers, but were otherwise unhurt as they fell onto the cloaked ship which lay inside the hole. A shadowy Reman opened the bow hatch and stepped out.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

Lee dusted himself off and greeted the figure.

"Jolan tru, miss. I am Remus Lee, Vice Admiral of the United Federation of Planets Starfleet, Federation Diplomatic Corps Ambassador, M.A.C.O Elite Commander, Omega Force Shadow Operative, and commanding officer of USS Lord English, and I'm here to speak to Commander Lirina," he replied.
"I missed everything after 'Remus Lee'," the Reman replied.
"In that case, just say Remus Lee came to inquire, miss..."
"My name is Veril, and I work as Lirina's chief engineer. She left earlier this morning to attend to personal business. I don't know where she went or when she'll be back. My apologies, Admiral ch'Havran."

Admiral Lee was bemused. His Romulan and Reman companions were amused.

"Let's go back to the ship, since we can't see her now, Admiral ch'Havran," Liviana said with a smirk.
"Let's wait a little longer instead, since we're already here," Lee replied.
"We could be here longer than is socially acceptable. Let's return to the Jake English and inquire later, Admiral," Twimek suggested.

On the urgings of his officers, Lee relented.

"Please inform Lirina that Admiral Lee was here, hopefully we will meet the next time I come," he finally said as the trio beamed back to the ship.


The day after they returned to the ship, a fierce blizzard swept over the Set'leth Ridge, blanketing the area in chilling winds and deep snows. Despite this, Admiral Lee prepared to leave the warmth of the Jake English to try to meet Lirina again, to the disapproval of Commander Kira, the Klingon Chief Science Officer.

"It will be very dicey for you to go down to the planet, and you don't even know where this Lirina is. Why don't you let me beam her aboard, or at least ask her to come to the ship?" she told him as he and the two Republic bridge officers stepped on the transporter pad.
"My personally going shows our sincerity to Lirina. If it wasn't necessary, we wouldn't have to go," he replied.
"Honestly, I think it's a wild targ chase, I just hope you're not wasting your time going down there," she shouted as the transporter activated and the officers beamed down.

The three officers trudged to the warbird that served as Lirina's residence. Veril greeted them again at the cargo bay hatch.

"Oh admiral, you should have warned me earlier that you were coming," she exclaimed. "Please, come in from the snow."

As the three officers entered the cloaked ship, Lee heard the voice of a young woman humming to herself. Presently, a Romulan female reading Commentaries on the Civil War by Suran walked down the transverse corridor.

"Veril, who is it?" she asked.

Lee made a sweeping low bow as he introduced himself to her.

"Jolan tru, esteemed Master. Proconsul D'Tan has spoken highly of you as a person of unparalleled talent. Although previous efforts to find you have been lacking in results, today's excursion has paid off. I am glad to finally make your acquaintence."

The startled woman returned the bow. Liviana, who had tried and failed to get Lee's attention during his introduction stepped between the two.

"Admiral Lee, this is my youngest sister, Lhian. Lhian, please meet Admiral Remus Lee of the Federation Starfleet," she said.
"Welcome, admiral," Lhian replied. "Thank you for caring for my sister, Liviana."
"My apologies, Miss Lhian. Liviana has been most helpful. Is Lirina home?" Lee asked.
"Lirina just returned from an overnight trip," she responded.

With that, she sauntered off. Lee was quite pleased that the goal was in reach. As they reached the Commander's quarters, they met Veril, who was exiting.

"Is the commander available?" Lee asked.
"I'm sorry, Admiral, but she is sleeping off a hangover," she whispered.
"In that case, I'll wait outside," Lee said in a hushed voice.

Lee and crew knelt in front of the commander's quarters waiting for Lirina to come out. An hour passed before somebody realized the silliness of the situation.

"Admiral, you've been motionless for a long time," Kira said through the combadge.
"Admiral Lee is waiting for an audience with Lirina, but she is sleeping off a hangover," Liviana replied.
"I can wake her up from here on the ship," Kira fumed. "A few orbital phaser blasts will rouse her."
"I doubt it," Liviana said. "Lirina has been a heavy sleeper since forever. A round of phasers probably won't work."

At that point, the door opened, and Lirina stepped out, yawning. Dressed in a sleeveless shirt and underwear, she started moving towards the mess hall, but stopped short upon seeing three Starfleet officers kneeling in front of her room.

"Hello, little sister," Liviana said in greeting.
"I must still be hung over," she replied, as she returned to her room.


"I am honored that you've paid us so many visits, but I must decline your offer."

Lirina, now dressed in civilian robes, sat across from Admiral Lee at a table in her room as she pushed a plate of osol twists towards him.

"Please hear me out. The Romulan Republic needs experienced personnel to ensure the safety of its citizens and train the next generation of guardians. Proconsul D'Tan has cited you as the prime example of the type of leader the Republic needs," Lee replied as he pushed the plate back to Lirina.
"My business with the Republic was revenge-based, and with Hakeev's death on Brea III, I have no incentive to continue working for someone else," Lirina responded, pushing the plate more forcefully towards Lee.
"Hakeev may be dead, but the Republic still needs help. The Tal Shiar and Hirogen have been menacing Mol'Rihan and causing untold havoc, not to mention whatever the Tholians have planned throughout the sector block. The Republic needs all the help it can get."

Lee attempted to push back the osol twist plate back to Lirina but was stopped midway by Lirina's powerful counterpush. Unable to overcome Lirina's pressure, Lee was forced to concede the field to Lirina.

"The machinations of galactic powers do not interest me. Here I can do whatever I want. My free time here can be spent improving the lives of the Virinat colonists rather than embroiled in another galactic conflict between rival factions. I am grateful that you hold me in high regard, but I am unwilling to embroil myself with politics. Please inform D'Tan of my decision."

With that, Lirina retired into the inner section of her quarters. Lee and Twimek were dismayed at Lirina's stubborn refusals.

"This may take some time to iron out, if Lirina is set against serving the Republic again," Lee pondered.
"It seems that Lirina's experiences have soured her even more than I expected," Twimek mused.

At that point, Liviana slammed her hand on the table.

"We're focusing too much on trying to coddle Lirina, aren't we? She hasn't changed at all in six years; all she wants is for the galaxy to revolve around her. She's not as perfect as D'Tan makes her out, either. I can tell you lots of stories about her as a child..." she shouted in exasperation.

Liviana proceeded to tell Lee and Twimek several luridly embarrasing stories about growing up on Rator. As she got to one particular story, the door to the inner quarters opened, and a seething Lirina pounced on Liviana.


A short while later, Lhian, Veril, Twimek, and Lee were busy cleaning up the mess that Lirina and Liviana's brawl made. The two Romulan sisters found themselves in the same cell on the ship's brig.

"Living on an agriworld hasn't hurt your skills at all," Liviana noted.

Lirina smiled at her sister for the first time in six years.

"Laboratory work hasn't dulled you either," she responded. "It makes me think that you're not here just because D'Tan sent you."

At this point, Liviana decided that an appeal to ego would be more effective than an appeal to reason.

"Admiral Lee is here because D'Tan asked him to be here, but I thought I should come along as well, given the amount of information we've discovered that the Tal Shiar has on you," she insinuated.
"Whatever the Tal Shiar has on me is of no consequence anymore," Lirina responded.
"Oh, it's not what the Tal Shiar have on you, but what they think of you which brings me here," Liviana said with a smirk.

"What do the Tal Shiar think of me?"
"They're afraid of you, of course. They can't seem to figure out how a Virinat farm girl can do as much damage to them as you did, so they're trying to wage a slander campaign on you in order to impugn your image. They're posting doctored images of you and sending chain e-mails with your name on it, among other things. I could go on about all the things they're trying to do."

Lirina turned red. She began wrecking the cell in a rage.

"Do those Tal Shiar wretches have the nerve to do that? I have fought in every major confrontation in the Tau Dewa Sector Block this past year, such that even the Federation and the Klingon Empire have acknowledged my services. What the Tal Shiar is doing is unforgivable! I'll show them!"
"Does this mean you're leaving Virinat?"
"I planned to stay here and avoid the galaxy at large like the sages of old, but I won't let the Tal Shiar malign me this way. If the Republic needs my help in fending off its enemies, then perhaps our goals can once again align."

Liviana was pleased with herself as Lirina contacted her crew and Admiral Lee about her intentions to return to the Republic. Perhaps her little sister did mature a little over the years.


Captain's Log, supplemental. We are returning to New Romulus to give word to Proconsul D'Tan about our mission's success. The Lord English is waiting in orbit to receive the mission pod, and from there we'll continue patrols in Tau Dewa for another week. This will allow our Romulan exchange officer to bond with her sister before we part ways. I see great things for the Republic with such a talented person in its service.

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