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Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
I agree with you on alot of things on this board, but the D'Deridex is supposed to be sluggish as hell in its handling.

Canon? Practically EVERY Star Trek scene that the D'Deridex is shown. At NO instance have we ever, *ever* seen the D'Deridex do any notable maneuvering in combat or to save its own self in combat. Not in any TNG episode where this Warbird has been shown many, many times. Not in any of the DS9 episdoes, to include the Romulans' entry into the Dominion War. Not when the combined Obsidian Order - Tal Shiar fleet went to the Founder homeworld for a surprise attack... and when the Dominion's trap was sprung, absolutely NONE of the D'Deridexes that made the entirety of that fleet were able to maneuver of note to escape. In none of the Dominion War battle scenes have the D'Deridexes shown any inclination of notable maneuvering.

At least the Galaxy Class users have a valid complaint about its turning because the shows and movies have repeatedly shown the class to be able to do it.

But the D'Deridex? No. It's like a brick in the beach.

d'deridex turning wile cloaking. that looks like it deserve a 9 turn rate to me

you basically never see it turn other then here. same with the negvar, it pivots a little wile attacking DS9, yet it has a 9 turn. we see the galaxy turn better then both and its stuck at 6.

they chose to punish the d'deridex in game even though theres really no information ether way about mobility, except that clip there. for the sake of game play, it should move as well as a negvar. the galaxy too. all fed cruisers and carriers should get a +2 to their base turn rate to make them not such a chore to fly. their options are extreamly limited currently turning so poorly.
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