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05-04-2013, 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
look around, there are plenty of people who want solo ques, why not create a team with them to go against others who dont want to face the "evil premades"
You mean...the "evul premades"!
Anyway for a lone PvPer the game offer the astounding Ker'rat, private matches, C&H and Arena's all a lot of fun...but only if the lone player is also a skilled one who wants to improve constantly and doesn't feel humiliated by the defeats.
The real difficult is encountered at the beginning of the PvP experience when the rookie realizes that...he's a noob who needs to do a lot of practice.
But if the passion is combined with the desire to learn, then a good PvPer can be born!
And I think the lone player one day will join a team, an organized pug team or an evul premade one!
After a fierce battle against the evuls a Fed Captain needs some relax!