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Originally Posted by chuxx500 View Post
Fleet D'deridex Retrofit:

It can't possibly be the same or near same size as the Ha'apax so why is its turn rate so close?

Make the turn rate at least 6 as it can't be slower than an Odyssey can it; and give it a 3rd Tac console instead of the 5th Eng console.

I still prefer my earlier suggested Lt. Comm Tac, Comm Eng, Lt. Eng, Lt. Comm Sci 4 Boff suggestion for the Retrofit and a Lt. Uni on the Fleet Retrofit.

The Refit or D'ridthau has 3 Tac consoles so why does the Retrofit and Fleet Retrofit lose one?

As a heads up; is the D'ridthau supposed to have the lvl 40 ship console allotment of 9 instead of the proper +1 for a lvl 30 ship of 8?
By this same token, the galaxy class should get a boost in turn rate for the simple fact that the odyssey is so much larger. And also has 2k more hull hp (which I think hull hp is supposed to more or less factor in to how well a ship turns.) However, if I'm not mistaken, they've given the tier 5 D'deridex more hull than a galaxy, no? I think the devs also take into consideration engine appearance to an extent, like giving the excelsior with its proportionately massive engines a high turn rate, the Ha'apax has massive engines on it, so maybe they figure those compensate for its mass better than the invisi-engines on the D'deridex.

I would LOVE the 4 boff Com. eng, tac, sci, lt. eng/universal. It would truly make the D'deridex the well rounded multi-role ship all cruisers should be... but that's probably exactly why we wouldn't get such a gem of a boff station layout. =(