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05-04-2013, 03:45 PM
My shipnames thus far:

U.S.S. Veritas
Truth, My old Heavy Cruiser

U.S.S. Pax
Peace, My old Galaxy-class

U.S.S. Justitia
Justice, My old Constitution-class

U.S.S. Clementia (RA Ambassador Support Cruiser Retrofit)
Healer, Support DPS, and Sci abilities, thus Clementia - clemency, mercy (for my allies, at least)

U.S.S. Audentia (Breen Chel Grett Warship)
Audacity/Boldness, it's a pretty crit-focused, DPS-focused, "We run all right, RIGHT AT THEM" sort of ship

U.S.S. Celeritas (Mirror Advanced Escort)
Swift, because... yeah it's an escort, so swift

U.S.S. Fidelitas (Mirror Patrol Escort)
Fidelity, because it can stay alive for very long

U.S.S. Libertas (Odyssey Star Cruiser)
Liberty, a engineering focused Oddy

U.S.S. Aequitas (Fleet Defiant Tactical Escort Retrofit)
Equity/Justice, it can put out punishing damage against its enemies, and can get rid of anything quickly

U.S.S. Infinitas (Fleet Excelsior Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit)
Infinite, because this AuxToBat boat is a swiss army knife, and can do so many things, put out an awesome amount of damage, while being nearly impossible to kill unless I'm being alpha-ed by 5 well-decked out escorts at once. Even then it'll take quite a while