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Originally Posted by sdkraust View Post
You sir are a joke and are behind on the times something fierce.
Thanks for helping to instill a sense of community on these forums. It's posters like you that really make the internet shine. Keep up the excellent work sir.

For what?
For everything.

Sure the Fleet Star isn't the best thing ever, but its still going to do 7-10K DPS with an A2B build and be able to tank absolutely everything while keeping aggro and not dying (thus keeping aggro away from your Tacs that can't tank ****).
He can already do that in the ship he's already flying. He can sink all of those resources into his wells and just be better at everything than he would be in a star cruiser. Except tanking. Which isn't needed since in PvE he can tank just fine on the toughest content with a few tweaks to his current ship and in PvP he can play the far more valuable science role.

It's a waste of time and resources. He'll be going backwards. He's already a science captain in a wells. He's already set up to be a key asset in PvP groups. And can make his ship kick far more borg butt in STFs. The only compelling reason for him to switch to any kind of cruiser is he's so bored with the game that he purposely wants to gimp himself into flying slow turning ships just so everything he does takes longer.

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