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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
Nope, not terrible. Just a far better pilot than you. Which is cool. It's ok to admit that you're inferior. No one will hold it against you. It's ok that you don't know how to harness the actual DPS ships in this game. But a lot of us do. And that's why we fly them. Not star cruisers.
Hooray, you've descended to my Dad could beat your Dad up talk. I'd of course love to run an STF with you to see this superior piloting, as I will fully admit I'm not a top tier pve escort pilot by any means. But I truly question any advice you'd give after your reaction to the A2B side of cruisers.

And I'm still confused why you would be worried about wasted resources on a ship since everything except the hull could be reused. ~20mil EC to buy the fleet modules off the exchange is not exactly a huge lost investment in a ship if he feels like flying something different, with the bonus upside of having equivalent or better damage potential than the Wells if he wanted to go the A2B route

That said, OP, you'd gain more flexibility on the cruiser road going with the Fleet Excel instead. You lose a touch of tanking ability over the Star Cruiser, but the damage potential if you so choose is much higher. Plus the sassy transwarp thingie.

Or, as snoggy has said, just rework your Wells for more tanking, since you state you've angled it towards tactical. The shields on that ship are ridiculous, tanking should not be an issue.