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Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
You sir are kinda nuts if you think Cannons are going to surpass Beams, you make these claims of cruisers doing 15-20k dps but have no evidence, you say you did a few randoms, thats exactly what they are *random*. Just because the Cruisers might have done best doesn't mean they are the best, same going with just because you can't fly one doesn't mean it sucks.

Nothing wrong with his sig at all, there are people who ask if the EPS helps with weapon power regen which it doesn't, I know when I started the game I was giving incorrect advice about EPS'.

I was told it was a must have console by my friend, and for months I used it till I finally learned different.
Here's a parse of my Fleet Excelsior using an aux2batt build a few days ago: using mk XII [Acc]x3 Disruptor beams

Here's a parse of my Fleet Qin Raptor: using Fleet Disruptor DHCs...

First time I had personally really considered comparing them... The Qin isn't ideal, because it has a wasted ensign boff slot for a cannon build, but so does the Defiant which is popular so kind of the same in that respect... Anyway, food for thought... Would love to see a parser log for a 15k cruiser...

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