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05-04-2013, 08:24 PM
I just got out of one of my more...amusing...ESTF experiences. Not worst by any means, but definitely amusing.

ISE, one of the players in the ESTF was...early and quite his endorsement of the 10% rule. Which, would have been okay had the generators not been going down so fast people barely had time to switch targets. One of the generators went as the others were around 20%, and this chucklehead went ballistic in chat.

I just did what I normally do -- EM, grav well and tractor the leading sphere, vent theta radiation and fire my bio-neural on my way back to the transformer. That buys enough time to down the transformer in all but the biggest CF's of ISE runs. In this run, I hadn't even gotten back to the transformer before it blew.

In the meantime, the chucklehead in question flew over to the spheres in his fleet defiant...and somehow, despite the fact they were sitting in a cloud of theta radiation, a grav well, and disabled in the middle of it by my BNW, aggroed them all (and the gateway) and promptly exploded. Without killing one sphere.

The other side was the same story. One of the generators went "early", I locked down the spheres, the chucklehead got himself killed, and the transformer still went down before the spheres even got close. Then he died twice more, once to the gateway and once to the tactical cube, despite that me and the Odyssey in the group were bouncing aggro. When the tactical cube went down, we somehow had somewhere between five and six minutes left on the optional timer.

I said, "you're welcome for the heals and CC on the spheres " and this chucklehead completely lost it. Said I blew the generators early (I didn't), was shooting the wrong targets (I wasn't), wasted time messing with the spheres (true, but because the group had enough combined DPS the grav wells and theta radiation weren't even necessary), wasn't healing (I was, just not him), and almost cost us the optional (with over five minutes left at run's end). Then he left and put me on ignore.

Ugh, stupid people.
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