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05-04-2013, 09:36 PM
Short Term: Server Stability. A game this mature simply should not have issues like this.

Mid Term : A greater balance of "ways to play" for the different sides.

For example, I find my Klingons have heavy incentive in the form of quests to embark on combat missions in both PvP and the Pi-Canis patrol, when dilithium gathering time comes. My federation characters have the more accessible quests of these nature simply unavailable. The same holds true the other direction as well, my federation characters have a far and away more robust variety of things to do, particularly in the context of non combat related activity.

The good news is that this sort of thing seems to be directly addressed with the coming expansion.

Long Term : Polish. Like, for super serious. It amazes me that the weekly maintenance, which often includes a client side patch, rarely includes any polish of existing content. A few examples that make a game feel polished, contributing to customer retention:

1. Carreya system, Romulus reputation radiation satellite. When you get the notification, when starting the mini game, the word "transfer" is missing the "f"--reads "transer". Not game breaking, not going to hurt anything, but looking at it for months on end makes a person feel like they are dealing with idiots, or at the very least careless slobs. A fix that would take minutes at most and add mere bytes to a client side patch.

Spelling and other minor errors happen, leaving things like this for long periods of time is just slovenly.

2. More involved, but still polish. Stop making my ship come to "all stop" every time I initiate a hail or use my departmental bridge officer missions! When traveling from point A to point B, am I to believe that in the middle of deep space my communication systems, including in-ship communication, diverts all the power from my warp engines? If so, let me head on down to the radio shack and get my officers some walkie talkies and a few boxes of AA batteries, they have no such problem. If you workaround this by restarting the movement manually, you shut off the auto-pilot to destination--which means a gross overshoot if you take a few seconds longer than you wanted to.

Travel as a time sink is a necessary evil of MMO play. Excessive travel time due to lack of polish, again, just appears slovenly.

3. More robust search engine on exchange. Booleans would be nice. Allowing a proper search that gives ACCURATE results without first finding a proper category would be nice. Separate areas for Klingon, Federation, and the coming Romulan are necessary for things like bridge and duty officers.

The list of nice to have features goes on, but you get the idea----the exchange needs polish.

4. SAVE THE UI WHEN A SHIP SWITCH HAPPENS. Any minor build change results in hotbars full of weapon items, and sometimes lost abilities on the hot bar system. If a player has empty buttons, they made them on purpose. If their abilities are on the bar in a specific order, they did that on purpose. There is no reason in the world for the game to repopulate hot bars when a simple client side save would leave it intact. The way it works now is just clumsy and buggy.

There are more, but at this point I think a person gets the idea---as the game matures, it should not only be more content rich, but more polished and "finished" feeling. I'm enjoying the game tremendously, and there are large strides in content that have happened over the years, but frankly the lack of polish the game has received gives it a distinctive low budget/late beta feel that simply should not happen at this stage in its life cycle.