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# 1 The Road To Ruin (Story)
05-04-2013, 11:07 PM

T H E . R O A D . T O . R U I N

Please read this amazing story first if you haven't already.

(Also read his stories "Orrosh" and "Coolng" for further background context.)

Please feel free to add your comments to this thread!

For those of you concerned about timelines, this takes place immediately following the conclusion of "Pear Shaped", about six weeks after my LC41 entry "Porcelain Hammer" and nearly simultaneously to patrickngo's story, "A Family Matter."

The saga continues in "The Chase" by patrickngo, takeshi6 and knightraider6 (with a few of my characters getting pulled into the mix.)

Also check out patrickngo's story "In the Shadow of the Light" set around the Hobus event, and featuring Jesu, Rusty and their father Carlos and starring "Uncle Ricky" and his family.


The Crew of the Tiburon:
* V. Adm. Jesu LaRoca :: Michael Pena
* Cmdr. Marq Sander (first officer, 1/2 Klingon) :: Chiwetel Ejiofor
* Cmdr. Fozz Ibear (second officer / ops chief, Andorian) :: Ron Perlman
* Cmdr. LaRoca Rusty (security chief, Deinon) :: voiced by Josh Hartnett
* Cmdr. Hector "Ming" Domingo (chief engineer) :: Benicio Del Toro
* Cmdr. Traa'cee (tactical officer, Vulcan) :: Carrie-Anne Moss
* LCdr. Yoann Teena (science officer, Bajoran) :: Sarah Clarke
* LCdr. Dr. Maria Espinoza (CMO) :: Adriana Barraza
* LCdr. Yumi (engineer, Ferengi) :: Faune A. Chambers
* Lt. "Hamlin" H'mL'n (tactical officer, Pentaxian) :: Abbie Cornish
* Lt. Pakray (tactical officer, Tellarite) :: Richard Ayoade
* Lt. Barrister (operations, android) :: Alan Tudyk
* Lt. "Sticks" Stikvaa (conn officer, Gorn) :: voiced by Ryan Reynolds
* Lt. Erick "Numbers" Marsolek (weapons officer) :: Carlo Rota
* Lt. Liow'an (Caitian, fighter pilot) :: voiced by Jim Cummings
* Lt. jg. K'lak (security officer, Klingon) :: Sean Patrick Flannery
* Lt. jg. Mitiani Zain (weapons officer, Cardassian) :: Mila Kunis
* Ens. Sorbin Zain (biologist, Cardassian) :: Seth Green
* Ens. Boris Erebia (shield distribution officer) :: Eric Balfour
* Spfc. Lesco (Tiburonian, archaeologist) :: David Cross
* Acting Lt. K'Jetsk (science officer and combat medic, Reman) :: Viggo Mortensen
* Acting Ens. Georgia Nguyen (MCDC defector) :: Chloe Grace Moretz
* Hank "Hacksaw" Miller (intelligence advisor) :: Kiefer Sutherland
* Ennari Dai (senior diplomatic advisor, joined Trill) :: Natalie Portman
* Stazratts (diplomatic advisor, Gorn) :: voiced by Scott Glenn
* Kugid (diplomatic advisor, Orion) :: Michael Chiklis
* Alejandro Cruz (chef) :: Danny Trejo
* And featuring Rudyard as himself

The Crew of the Norgh'a'Qun
* Gen. Ssharki (Gorn) :: voiced by Philip Seymour Hoffman
* Cpt. Maddox (Gorn, first officer) :: voiced by Tim Roth
* Cmdr. Sway (Gorn, security chief) :: voiced by Ben Foster
* Cmdr. Abraham (Klingon/Human hybrid, chief engineer) :: Liev Schreiber
* LCdr. Dr. Tr'vayn (Klingon, CMO) :: Angela Basset
* LCdr. Anaarssen (Gorn, tactical officer) :: Tom Berenger
* Lt. Naja (Klingon, biologist) :: Meagan Tandy
* Wr. Jason "Blackheart" Carter (Human, conn officer) :: Tristan Wilds
* Bekk Cal (Gorn, junior engineer) :: voiced by Jimmy Bennett
* Dr. Xyoosix (Rigelian) :: Carol Kane
* Medic H'rassa (Ferasan) :: voiced by Rachel Weisz
* Hamlet (AI hologram, navigator) :: Cary Elwes

Guest Stars:
* Admiral Bill Davis (current director of STS) :: John Noble
* R. Adm. Greg Sander (former director of STS) :: Sam Rockwell
* Capt. Frank Grimes (STS program manager) :: Edward Norton
* Capt. Mackenzie Calhoun (DSK7 intel officer) :: Jeff Bridges
* Capt. Nguyen (Moab Militia) :: Nan Yu
* Cpt. Nine of Nine (Klingon / liberated Borg, CO of IKS Cha'bIp) :: Lennie James
* Cmdr. "Spitz" (Ferasan, executive officer, IKS Cha'bIp) :: voiced by Christopher Walken
* Lt. Dr. Malhul (Orion, CMO, IKS Cha'bIp) :: Omar Epps
* Lt. "Talby" T'aalb (Caitian, pilot) :: voiced by Hank Azaria
* Six of Eight (Liberated Borg, STS R&D engineer) :: Famke Janssen
* ATTICUS :: Gregory Peck ca. 1962
* Dr. Prol (Vulcan) :: Lance Henriksen
* T'Pinna (Vulcan priestess) :: Anna Silk
* Woldan (Klingon High Councilman) :: Louis Gossett Jr.
* Temek (Klingon, Director of Klingon Intelligence) :: Delroy Lindo
* Quentin Heywood (Moab Confederacy Deputy Minister) :: John Malkovich
* Professor Riklen (KAF Project Head) :: Sir Ian McKellan
* Mohs (Lethean, KAF project assistant) :: Michael Irby
* Franklin Drake :: Casper Van Dien
* Templar :: Roger Moore ca. 1960s
* Young Jesu LaRoca (age 14-18) :: Julian De La Celle
* Young Rusty (age 8-12) :: voiced by a younger Josh Hartnett (ca. 1999-2001)
* Nicci and Peter :: Maddie and Noah Lomax
* The Old Deinon :: voiced by Liam Neeson

Special Guest Appearances courtesy of patrickngo:
* Elizabeth Tran :: Maggie Q (?)
* Saul "Mouse" Moskovitz :: Mickey Rourke (?)
* Col. Uminoe Kicur :: Uma Thurman (?)
* Maj. Canh Truoc :: Dustin Nguyen
* Cpt. Cham Nguoc :: Al Leong (?)
* LCdr? Ssthoniq :: voiced by Cole Hauser (?)
* LCdr. Brogh :: Brandon T. Jackson
* Lt? Naasstha :: voiced by Vivica A. Fox
* Sgt. Dayyan :: Ken Leung
* Eighty-Six :: voiced by Kyra Sedgwick (?)
* Dr. Alice Okuda :: Devon Aoki

And Special Guest Appearances courtesy of marcusdkane:
* Cpt. Amanda Palmer :: Courtney Cox
* Cmdr. Brandon Mayer :: Jason Lewis
* Cmdr. Bellic Chanos :: Vin Diesel
* LCdr. Meliden Bowen :: Eve Myles
* Lt? Dr. Ben Kincaid :: Colin Farrell
* Ens. Todd Mitchell :: Thomas Dekker
* Ens. Tilly Campbell-Black :: Helen Flanagan
* Ens. T'Natra :: Gal Gadot
* Mid. Ramesh Kumar :: Dev Patel
* Ambassador S'rR's Kane :: Amy Smart
* Ahd'r I'sH'd :: Alexander Skarsgard
* Claire :: Lacey Chabert

Special Thanks to:
* patrickngo for his collaboration and numerous contributions to the story (which appear in yellow) and the use of his characters, and for providing the framework with his prior entries. I would not have the opportunity to share this story with you if it were not for his efforts

* marcusdkane for letting me create a Pentaxian for my bridge, and for answering all of my questions on Pentaxian biology and culture, and for suggesting and enabling the cross-collaboration with his LC #45 entry (also featuring the writing talents of superhombre777.) MDK's contributions appear in green in Part VIII. Also thanks for coming up with the name and casting suggestion for T'Pinna, the Vulcan priestess.

* you for reading!

- Sander

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