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05-04-2013, 11:13 PM
Originally Posted by admiralq1732 View Post
Regent should have had saucer sep. then the stupid stuff it does have. And the Sov can do it.
I'm not disputing the Sovereign's concept of having separation. At all. The OP's request for the Sovereign to get sep is actually the easier solution to me than creating a new cruiser. Especially in light of comments Geko made about how poorly the Reagent sold.

What the Reagent got, though, was 1 for 2 on ok stuff (the 180 degree torp is ok). And the metreon gas thing is kind of lame but tied directly to a movie featuring the Sovereign, so yeah it's lame but it's right there on the screen.

If they gave it saucer sep too, hey ok cool. I'm not arguing against it. And I was confused by what the OP meant about the word class, but am straight on that now.