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# 135 My Two ECs about Tovan...
05-04-2013, 10:34 PM
Before I go on my short message, I personally think that Tovan Khev is a welcome addition to the STO universe and Cryptic should be applauded for making the Romulan story a little more personal than "fly-here-because-Admiral-told-you-so"-style storytelling.

That said, though, the one reason why I joined STO is because I was entranced by the amount of customization options there were available for your appearance, ship, and crew. I wanted to make my own identity within the game by creating my own personal file with all its numerous customizations.

While I welcome Tovan for the sake of storytelling, I implore Cryptic to let players have the option of letting the character go after the main Romulan storyline is finished so an element of customization within STO can be restored and enable players to create their own identity once again within the Romulan faction - appearance, ship, and crew.

Those are my two ECs about this character. Feel free to post up compliments or complaints to such a comment.